Oferta de Empleo


Devops – USA-


Project yourself thinking big and undertaking a challenging, dynamic and innovative project in the area of your expertise as DevOps being part of a project abroad.

The skills and competencies that we value:

• Team leadership.
• The efficiency to handle multiple projects and assignments simultaneously.
• Commitment and proactive intervention to identify and propose solutions.
• Promoters of collaborative work spaces and an excellent work environment.
• Ability to train other referents.
• Dynamism and flexibility.
• Building relationships within the team.
• Oral and written communication. Your skills to be a good communicator.
• The ability to identify alternatives and make contingency plans.

Among your responsibilities:

• Manual updates of pluggable images in response to package update needs.
• Updated manual test of docker images to ensure they pass a set of smoke test requirements
• Activation and review of security scans using Twistlock / Prisma.
• Resolve/remediate security vulnerabilities reported by security scanners.
• Automate the creation of image definitions using a template engine we have built.
• Automation of smoke test scripts for image validation.
• Automation of a CI pipeline for imaging.

Technically we value:

• Dev SSR – Back end
• Python/Scripting, minimal as for Docker Images smoke test
• DevOps, strong
• Docker
• Kubernetes
• CI/CD pipeline
• CircleCI