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Developer full stack – USA

For an important company dedicated to the realization of software for hotel management, we are looking for a Sr FullStack Developer with experience in Java and React as well as advanced command of the English language as exclusive requirements, graduates in careers related to systems, database management MongoDB data and GraphQL and Typescript languages ​​as valuable requirements.

We are oriented to profiles with excellent interpersonal skills and collaborative skills, and the ability to work in a team.

The person in charge will have the following responsibilities:

-Use React, GraphQL, and TypeScript to build beautiful and functional user experiences.

-Design and build scalable server¬-side Java applications and components.

-Design GraphQL schema and implement server-side data fetching using GraphQL Java.

-Write automated tests within the Cypress, Jest, and JUnit testing frameworks.

-Deliver completed work with automated tests in an iterative agile environment.

-Participate in the entire development lifecycle of the product, including design, implementation, testing, rollout, and support of new and existing features.

-Champion engineering best practices in both design discussions and code reviews.

-Collaborate closely with engineering, product managers, and UX designers to come up with innovative solutions to challenging customer problems.

The company offers the following benefits: direct dependency relationship, 100% remote, 2 salary adjustments per year, prepaid medicine for family group